What is Life about?

Why are we here? What’s the point of this human journey? What can provide real fulfillment? Questions such as these have danced in people’s thoughts since early humans first looked up at the stars or gazed deeply into an infant’s eyes. Philosophers, mystics, the religious and ordinary people from all walks of life have entertained such musings.  There is an answer to these questions, and many people look to Divine Wisdom for the Knowing. Spirit calls us to Remember; we are here to Remember.
To assist people to Remember Their True Nature is why I wrote my book, “Woman, Goddess and Savior” and also why I teach a path of awakening.  The spiritual teacher’s job is not to educate or train you to “achieve” enlightenment, but to have you remember that you have always been that which you seek. Believe me, it’s a curious line of work.

Woman, Goddess & Savior

A new and modern path of self-realization for women who feel the call of Spirit.

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The Book

To learn more about the path of enlightenment taught by Richard, the place to start is by reading his book, “Woman, Goddess and Savior.”



If after reading “Woman, Goddess and Savior” you are inspired to continue learning on your own initiative and pace, we can support you.


Guided Study

If you would like to participate in formal supervised study under Richard and his team, personal guidance is available.

“Philosophers, mystics, and spiritual masters throughout the ages have said that the journey of awakening is the greatest adventure an individual can undertake and the greatest service a person can offer to her fellow humans”