Women’s Spiritual Liberation

Let us set our stage with this statement from the Dalai Lama: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” His comment stirred up a great deal of discussion and some controversy, yet it highlights an essential issue of our times. The statement also mirrors the sentiment of my teaching, and it points [...]

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Stages of Life

In my book there is a chapter titled “Peter Pan World” where I talk about the lack of maturity that is epidemic in society today.  We are all familiar with the three stages of life: childhood, adolescence (i.e. teenagers), and adulthood. During our first decade of life we develop the sense that “I am,” [...]

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Women Need A Spiritual Path Designed for the Feminine

When we look at the modern world, the fact that almost all esoteric spiritual schools available today were originally intended solely for men contains a great irony in the fact that at present the majority of spiritual practitioners in Western nations are women. There are millions of women earnestly trying to develop their spiritual [...]

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Three Dimensional Awakening

What I will describe here are the understandings I have realized regarding the nature of spiritual awakening. These were principally formed from my personal encounters with the Divine, with my experiences being rounded out and explained by spiritual texts and teachings. In my journey, I have come to see that awakening has three dimensions, [...]

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Spiritual Sisterhood

The leaders of religions and spiritual paths have always recognized the importance of community, the spiritual sangha. They understood that the aspirations and life practices of spiritually-motivated people differ greatly from the materialistic lives of the general population. Therefore, committed spiritual seekers and their teachers often tended to segregate themselves from the society in [...]

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The World Needs Your Divine Feminine

Women create and nurture life. That is certainly true at the individual level; we form, live, grow, and gain awareness under a mother’s protection and care. Women also tend and nurture nature. They are the growers and gardeners. As the consciousness of humans evolves, many spiritual teachers tell us that our collective consciousness affects [...]

The World Needs Your Divine Feminine2023-12-22T22:22:48-08:00
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