Spiritual Awakening Is Real

It is no mere romantic or fanciful illusion. While conventional wisdom holds that this liberation is rare, difficult and attained by few, it is also true that it is the most natural and authentic experience of being human.  The glowing kernel of such illumination is already alive within each of us.

The desire for spiritual liberation, illumination, enlightenment, awakening…whatever you wish to call it…is not a new quest. For at least several millennia, curious, adventurous, inquisitive, inspired or hungry individuals have explored the esoteric domains of the human soul. Over the centuries, many schools formed to assist individuals in this quest, each relevant to its time and place, and a few have survived for many hundreds of years.

Women Matter

There is, however, a bias shared by nearly all of these schools, one that has been unchallenged until recent times: the schools were created solely by men for the exclusive training of men, who were seen as the only viable candidates for enlightenment. Women were excluded, and women who tried to establish schools on their own were persecuted into nonexistence.

Modern people, of course, would not share such attitudes. Nevertheless, almost all of the millions of women who are actively pursuing spiritual awakening today must do so using the obsolete assumptions, curricula, practices and pedagogy originally designed for a male-only clientele.

Richard believes that we must do better than that, and his conviction led to the development of a unique path of awakening specifically and exclusively designed for today’s women. Their passion for Spirit deserves no less.

“Philosophers, mystics, and spiritual masters throughout the ages have said that the journey of awakening is the greatest adventure an individual can undertake and the greatest service a person can offer to her fellow humans.