Women create and nurture life. That is certainly true at the individual level; we form, live, grow, and gain awareness under a mother’s protection and care. Women also tend and nurture nature. They are the growers and gardeners.

As the consciousness of humans evolves, many spiritual teachers tell us that our collective consciousness affects the life system of the world. The planetary life form is evolving, and a new level of consciousness wants to come into Earth’s life system, these teachers tell us. This prediction is not merely some new-age fantasy; it is coming from many diverse wisdom sources. Shamanic leaders from around the world are saying this, as are many awakened adepts and even a number of scientists.

It is women who have the natural attunement to this potentiality, for they are inextricably enmeshed in the potential of new life, whether an individual infant, a garden, or the planetary life form. For convenience, let’s call that life form Gaia (or Gaea), the name given by the Greeks to the mother goddess of the Earth.

There is a music of creation in the universe and a music of life sung by Gaia. Awakened adepts can feel it and harmonize their actions with it. Women’s bodies also feel this music. Most women’s minds are not conscious of this; they feel it only instinctively. Once they expand their consciousness through spiritual practice, however, they quickly sense this music and act (dance) in harmony with it. If humanity is to successfully address the multitude of problems we face, our actions will have to be in accord with the natural music of life.

What humanity needs in order to rightly chart its future are Awakened Women, women who have done the necessary inner work to transcend their limited egoic identity. In other words, our saviors will be the living Goddesses. It is in these enlightened women that the energy of creation and the music of life is fully experienced and made conscious. In them, instinct is fully expressed as wisdom. If there are “experts” that humanity needs in order to survive and prosper, it is these illuminated women. Only they can be the responsible stewards of humanity.

The world needs your heart of unconditional Love. The world needs your feminine life force, your vital, unconstrained Eros. It needs the wisdom of your awakened consciousness. We all need the nurturing of the living Goddess. We need her power, her vision, her wisdom, her peace. I hope multitudes of women will feel this potential in their hearts and respond. We need a new generation of Goddesses, of Saviors, to birth the new evolution of humanity and a new era for Gaia. I hope your heart will feel that call. I hope you will awaken the sleeping Goddess who lies within.