Project Description

Guided Study

Guided Study

Guidance on your unique path to awakening

If your self-study has increased your interest to the point to where you would like to participate in formal supervised study with Richard’s team

Directed Guidance

Become a formal student of Richard and his team. Members of his school meet regularly in small groups of 5-8 people, which we feel is the optimum configuration for spiritual learning. Students who live in the northern part of the San Francisco Bay Area attend in-person groups. People who live elsewhere in the world participate via video-conference meetings.

Our students are guided in a very active and pervasive fashion, and they, in turn, are expected to pursue their spiritual goals with dedication and commitment. The majority of our aspirants have had previous experience working with an adept in a disciplined manner. This style of engagement necessarily limits us to working with only a modest number of students; therefore, our capacity to accept new students is very limited.

Immersion Retreats

From time-to-time, Richard’s team offer retreats near San Francisco so that members and prospective students can receive immersive experience and direction for their spiritual development. These retreats are not scheduled on a recurring timeline, but are offered when a sufficient number of people have expressed their desire to attend. If you are interested in attending an immersion retreat, please contact us about that desire. When a sufficient number of people have responded, we will contact you. The timing and duration of the retreat will be determined by the needs and interests of the potential participants.

Individual Sessions (in-person or via teleconference)

Richard does not generally offer 1:1 consultations to spiritual aspirants except for those advanced aspirants who are actively participating in the weekly groups. He will occasionally make one of his authorized teachers available on request for individual sessions when he feels that such guidance would be beneficial for the aspirant. If you are interested in a private session with one of his assistants, please contact us about your interest and we will contact you about your needs, goals for such consultation and rates.