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The Book

The Book

A New Kind of Awakening for Women

This groundbreaking book offers a new and modern path of self-realization for women who feel the call of Spirit. It is intended to awaken the sleeping inner Goddess and is specifically tailored to meet the needs and life currents of contemporary women. The book also explores why it is vitally important to humanity for more women to become enlightened.

To learn more about the path of enlightenment taught by Richard, read his book, “Woman, Goddess and Savior.” It is available from online sellers and by special order from your local bookseller.

Let us set our stage with this statement from the Dalai Lama: The world will be saved by the Western woman. His comment stirred up a great deal of discussion and some controversy, yet it highlights an essential issue of our times. The statement also mirrors the sentiment of this book, and it points to why it is important that women take the journey of enlightenment.

“Think of this book, then, as first a tour guide to the land of spiritual fulfillment and second, as an invitation to discover your specific role in joining with other awakened women to steward humanity through its next stage of evolution.”